Frosby Learning Games

Frosby Learning Games - A Fun, Educational Early Learning App!

Frosby Learning Games is a fun and playful app featuring 25 diverse activities for preschoolers (2-5). Learn counting, colours, size and parts of the body in beautifully crafted scenes: dig a tunnel for a mole and find worms to feed him, give a choosy cat the right coloured ball of wool and catch mice hiding in a giant cheese castle. Children can wipe the screen to clean off mud, clear the windows of a bus to count the people and return to the games over and over again. Our app has been featured in Apple's 'New and Noteworthy' education category in the UK, USA, Australia and China!


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Here's some of the great things you can do in this app:

✔ Play fun counting games: Improve your child's early maths and logic skills by finding planes in clouds, feeding worms to a mole, and catching mice in their cheese castle before the cat arrives!

✔ Learn colours: Match sweets by colour and shape, give the correctly coloured ball of wool to a choosy cat, and match the coloured Jellies to make them explode!

✔ Includes 2 dress up games: Learn parts of the body by making a scarecrow and then scare the crows away. Roll snowballs to make a body and head, then make a snowman!

✔ Wipe the screen: Have fun cleaning a muddy screen, wipe the windows of a bus and dig a tunnel for a mole.

✔ Learn 'biggest' and 'smallest' through fun animations with unique sounds.

✔ Learn the sounds of English words and numbers with a professional voice artist.

✔ 'Touch and hear' the words featured in the games.

✔ Enjoy rewarding praise and great sound effects to encourage kids.

✔ Pre-tested: This app has been guided by a teacher's feedback and tested on children before release, in order to be crafted into an engaging experience, tailored to the age group.

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