Vlads Vampire Bats kids app story

Vlad's Vampire Bats - A Fun, Interactive Children's eBook!

Vlad's Vampire Bats is a cute and enchanting interactive children's story app for iPad, mobile and touch screen devices. Vlad is a lonely Vampire with a strange gift: he can't help turning things into bats! His luck changes one day, when walking in Draco forest, he meets Vera, a bat-lover who accepts him for who he is. Parents will be pleased that this in an children's ebook story with clear text to encourage easy reading. It's also a story that's meant to be touched: kids can light candles with their fingers, discover Vlad's castle, turn things into bats, pick vampire flowers and feed baby bats! Enjoy the charming story, animations and cute sound effects again and again! Treat your kids to this ideal app for Halloween! (ages 4+)


"Vlad’s Vampire Bats communicates a great message: it is fine to be different; there will always be someone who will like you for who you are." Funeducationalapps.com

"An adorable storybook app that will warm even the coldest vampire heart! 4 Stars."

"Every scene has lots of fun interactions making Vlad’s a great app. 5 Stars" Apps4kids.net

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